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As the story goes, Bill & Bette Johnson pulled the first wagon full of Johnson’s corn to the corner in 1962. They had 2 goals: 1) they wanted to provide the freshest sweetest corn they possibly could to their customers 2) they needed to do it better and separate themselves from their competition.


The Johnson’s grew and marketed hundreds of acres of sweet corn. Part of wholesale marketing is a process called HYDRO-COOLING. This cools the corn using chilled water to remove the field heat. The corn is then put into a refrigerator to maintain the chilled condition.


The reason for this process is to slow the natural reaction of sugar turning to starch.

The warmer the corn is the faster this it will turn even the sweetest kernels into a starchy mouthful of mush.


Bill and Bette were looking for a way to apply this HYDRO-COOLING to their new venture.



Back then we did not have refrigeration at our “Road Stand” as it was called. We improvised with large block ice in an old truck body. The corn was picked fresh every morning then stored there. Just prior to packing it into dozens we gave it a bath in ice water. Our customers were then offered ice for the ride home or to the beach. The customers were given cooking instructions to avoid over cooking. Simply bring water to a boil drop the ears in for 3 to 5 minutes.


Some things have changed but the cooking instructions and our goals remain the same today. We pick our corn fresh every morning. It is put directly into refrigeration. When displayed it is covered in ice. The customers are still offered ice for the ride home or to the beach.


Take some home today or you can PICK YOUR OWN weekdays from 10 to 1, weekends 10 to 4.


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