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Discovery Barnyard Season Pass Gift Certificate


Our DISCOVERY BARNYARD & ANIMAL FARM is a fabulous place to bring your children, grandchildren nieces/nephews for a hands-on farm experience!!!


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SKU: 16-disc

Discovery BarnyardIn the Discovery Barnyard we feature Climbing Rocks, challenging Space Net, state of the art EVOS Pathfinder and two “Pedal Go Cart Tracks.” One track for smaller children and a “Pedal Go-Cart Dirt Track” for the older kids. We have also added a Pretend Farm and a Tee-Pee Town for all to enjoy .There are also three different play areas are within the barnyard including an area designated for toddlers, another for 3 to 5 year olds kids, and another for 5 to 8 year old kids. In 2011 we added a SPLASH PAD to our Discovery Barnyard experience. So on those hot summer days you can play , cool off and play some more. Bring a towel and a change of clothes.

All of the sheep, goats and chickens are back with their friends at the Animal Farm. We have also added an obstacle course to this area. It includes pipe slides ,tire climbs, balance beams, a rope maze and our one of a kind “Wacky Bridge”

Comfort and Convenience describe these areas to a tee. Shade and seating are abundant for Moms, Dads, and Grandparents, while they enjoy watching their kids play in a fenced in area that is constantly being monitored and cleaned by our staff. Food, drinks, coffee, and ice cream are available through a service window, which exclusively caters to Discovery Barnyard guests.

There are even restrooms dedicated only to those admitted to the Discovery Barnyard.