Q: When is opening day?
A: Our opening day for 2021 will be Friday, March 19th. Areas that will be open include our farm market and bakery, ice cream window, playground, Animal farm, as well as our Easter Egg hunt hayrides. We cannot wait to see everyone for our 2021 season!

Q: What is the Summer Produce Club?
A: Our Summer Produce Club (SPC) is a 16 week program supports local agriculture by sharing the benefits of local, conventional farming with dedicated members. Each week, members will receive a box full of fresh produce from local NJ farms, as well as recipes that incorporate the fruits and vegetables for that week.  The program runs May 26th- September 4th, with a week in November featuring unique fall produce. We have 3 different box sizes and an option to add on farm fresh eggs, there is a perfect fit for every family.  SPC members also get free hayrides corresponding to the size box you receive.

Q: What size SPC box will work best for my family?
A:There are 3 different sized boxes:
Mini $199- feeds 1 to 2 people
Small $299- feeds 2 to 3 people
Large $499- Feeds 3 to 6 people
(These recommendations will vary depending on how often you cook.)

Q: What do I get when I purchase a season pass membership?
A: Season Pass members receive access to our playground and animal farm area all year, with the addition of the splash pad in warmer months. We also offer 1/2 priced hayrides to our season passholders, as well as 6 guest passes for friends and family members who are not on the pass. Other perks include a $25 birthday coupon and $25 off Little Farmers membership. 

Q: What is the price of a Season Pass?
A: Your first two children listed on the Season Pass will be $60 per child. Each child after will be $30. The first adult listed on the Season Pass will be $30, every adult listed after will be $15 per adult. Children qualify as ages 1-11, an adult is anyone over the age of 12. If you bring any additional friends or family members, they will be able to have free admission by using one of the 6 guest passes provided. 

Q: What does the playground area and Animal farm include? 
A: The playground area includes a fully equipped play area with entertainment appropriate for all ages, two pedal go-kart tracks, various lawn games, a giant sand pit and village, as well as a splash pad to keep kids cool in warmer months. Our animal farm provides opportunities for kids to see and feed goats, cows, sheep, chickens, and donkeys. We also include some fun play equipment for kids. 

Q: What is Little Farmers?
A: Little Farmers is a mommy and me style bonding and farm education class. This five week program features one 45 min-1 hour class each week, with bonus access to the playground that day. A great way to get kiddos excited about agriculture and the world around them. Click HERE to register.

Q: What does the Easter Egg Hunt Hayride entail?
A: Our Egg Hunt Hayrides are perfect for children ages 1-6. Our hayride drivers will take you and your family over to our whimsical forest, where they will listen to a story about Peter Rabbit, and help him gather eggs for Easter! Reservations are required for this event, and can be purchased by clicking the Reservations Required button on our home page. (Tickets will go onsale March 1) Egg Hunt Hayrides will begin Friday March 19th, and continue through Saturday, April 3rd. 

Q: Is my dog allowed on the farm
A: No, we only allow service animals on the farm. This does exclude emotional support animals. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Q: It says you are sold out online, can I still purchase tickets?
A: Due to COVID-19, we are following a strict capacity limit for our hayrides. Because of this, once we are sold out on the website we truly are sold out. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Q: I have a season pass, how does that work with purchasing tickets online?
A: If you have a season pass, it still will work for this season. However, we cannot process half priced season pass tickets online.

Q: I can’t make it to the farm on this day, how can I exchange my ticket?
A: If you go to your confirmation email on your phone, you will find a link to the website ShowClix. From that link, you will be able to make an account and exchange your tickets.

Q: I bought tickets online, where do I go when I get here?
A: Once you get to the farm, you will want to go up the paved path between the greenhouse and the red shed. This will take you to the hayride boarding area.

Q: I’m running late for my hayride, can I still get on?
A: Yes, if you are running a little late we will still let you on the hayride.

Q: At what age does my child need a ticket for the hayride and Discovery Barnyard play area?
A: Children 12 months and under are free, all other persons need to purchase a ticket for all areas.