Q: Can I purchase tickets for Fall Festivals?
A: Yes you can!  Please click here to see what is available.

Q: When do apples start?
A: We will begin to pick apples September 10.  We do not have a large crop this year so the season is only expected to last to Early October.

Q:What variety of apples will you be picking?
A:  We will start with Fuji, Red Delicious, and Golden Delicious.

Q: When do pumpkins start?
A: Pumpkin picking will begin on September 10.

Q: When does corn season end? 
A: We are expected to have corn until mid September. 

Q: Is the splash pad open?
A: Yes, it will remain open when weather permits.

Q:What are you picking?
A: Please click here to see what is picking.

Q: Are you selling 2022 Season Pass Memberships?
A: Yes, you can purchase them online here

Q: What do I get when I purchase a season pass membership?
A: Season Pass members receive access to our playground and animal farm area all year, with the addition of the splash pad in warmer months. We also offer 1/2 priced hayrides to our season passholders, as well as 6 guest passes for friends and family members who are not on the pass. Other perks include a $25 birthday coupon and $25 off Little Farmers membership. 

Q: What is the price of a Season Pass?
A: Your first two children listed on the Season Pass will be $60 per child. Each child after will be $30. The first adult listed on the Season Pass will be $30, every adult listed after will be $15 per adult. Children qualify as ages 1-11, an adult is anyone over the age of 12. If you bring any additional friends or family members, they will be able to have free admission by using one of the 6 guest passes provided. 

Q: What does the playground area and Animal farm include? 
A: The playground area includes a fully equipped play area with entertainment appropriate for all ages, two pedal go-kart tracks, various lawn games, a giant sand pit and village, as well as a splash pad to keep kids cool in warmer months. Our animal farm provides opportunities for kids to see and feed goats, cows, sheep, chickens, and donkeys. We also include some fun play equipment for kids. 

Q: Is my pet allowed on the farm?
A: No, we only allow service animals on the farm. This does exclude emotional support animals. 

Q: I have a season pass, how does that work with purchasing tickets online?
A: If you have a season pass, you can go straight to our hayride loop to purchase your half priced tickets.

Q: At what age does my child need a ticket for the hayride and Discovery Barnyard play area?
A: Children under 12 months are free, all other persons need to purchase a ticket for all areas.