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No need to order we’re cooking for you

What Is Pieville?
The center of our Farm Market is designated as “PIEVILLE” , a mega center of flaky crusts and sweetness. To better serve our customers we are dedicated to providing you with a large selection of fresh baked pies, delicious breads and side dishes without pre-ordering. PIEVILLE will be well stocked and staffed to serve you quickly with your Holiday Pie .

Large selection of side dishes to assist you are also available

  • Cranberry Orange Relish ( canned cranberry sauce just isn’t right)
  • Homestyle Gravy
  • Rosemary Smashed Potatoes (you will simply run out of time to prepare)
  • Macaroni & Cheese(get it for the kids, knowing you will grab more than a few bites)
  • Apple, Cranberry-Nut and Pumpkin Bread (because all three are so yummy and will add that extra something you need for the table)

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