Our Apple Season generally starts the weekend after Labor day and runs through mid October. The end date could vary based on crop quantity and demand.
below is a list of our varieties and the estimated picking dates.

Daybreak Fuji

Same flavor as a regular Fuji apple.  Matures 6 weeks before a regular Fuji.  Discovered on Twin Tree Fruit Farm in PA.  Best Picking:  Early September.  Shorter season then Empires.


Cross between a Red Delicious and Macintosh.  A good all-around apple.  Great for snacking or baking.  This is the apple we use for our caramel apples.  Best picking: Mid September.

Red Delicious

“America’s Favorite Snacking Apple” First Introduced in 1874.  Crunchy apple with a mild sweet flavor.  They were originally called Hawkeye.  Best Picking: Mid to Late September.

Golden Delicious

This is an all-purpose apple.  Good for baking and snacking.  First introduced in 1914. Late September


Great snacking apple.  First introduce in Japan in 1962.  Known for keeping good for months in the fridge.  Best picking:  Late September- early October.

Stayman Winesap

Most popular apple we grow.  We are one of the only farms in NJ that grows this variety.  Excellent baking apple.  Very firm and tart with a crisp sweet taste.  Best Picking- Early October.  Once word gets out these go fast!

Granny Smith

Very Tart apple.  First introduced in Australia in 1868.  This is the apple we use in our apple pies. Best Picking- Early October

Gold Rush

Semi tart flavor makes it good for everything.  Late season apple.  Best picking: Mid October

Pink Lady

One of the newest apple varieties.  Firm apple with a sweet to tart taste.  It is a yellow apple with pink color over top.  Like the Granny Smith this apple also hales from Australia.  Best picking: Mid- Late October.


Juicy sweet flavor with a crisp crunch.  Good snacking apple.  Best Picking:  Mid- October.