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Announcing the Johnson’s Corner Farm CSA

Johnson’s Corner Farm is proud to announce a brand new Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) initiative right on the Farm! CSA programs support local agriculture by sharing the benefits of local, conventional food production with dedicated members.  From May 22nd to September 4th, CSA members can pick up a crate packed with a variety of delicious, locally-grown fruits and vegetables sourced from both our farm and farms in our immediate area. We’ll provide grower information to help you get to know our local farmers and how they produce their crops.

When you become a Johnson’s Corner Farm CSA member, you receive:

  • Your own crate of delicious produce to be picked up once a week, Friday 12pm-5pm or Saturday 8am-12pm.  Each crate will be stuffed with 8-10 different varieties of local fruits and vegetables. You can choose a large crate (half-bushel; feeds 4-6 people) or a small crate (feeds 1-3 people) – both come with the same wide variety of produce.
  • An ever-changing local selection based on seasonal availability. We plan to start this year’s crates with strawberries and greens and transition into our famous sweet iced corn later in the year.
  • Free-range, hormone-free eggs every week, available exclusively at no additional cost to our CSA members. Egg quantity will vary each week depending on output from hens, but will typically range from a half-dozen to two dozen with your produce crate.
  • Access to our CSA mailing list. You’ll get weekly updates including a heads-up on what we’re loading your crate with this week, delicious farm-fresh recipes, and information on the local sources growing your produce.
  • The opportunity to come out on the farm for “work parties” to physically help plant and grow your produce! Work parties aren’t required for your membership, but if you want to become more involved with our local agriculture, this is a great way! We think produce tastes even better after a little hard work.
  • Free Hayrides! All CSA members receive free hayrides during the program! (May 22nd to September 4th) If you’re part of the large crate program, you’ll receive free hayrides for four people – small crate members receive free hayrides for two. Everything we grow at Johnson’s Corner Farm is pick-your-own; harvesting begins with radishes, peas, and strawberries and transitions into peaches and blueberries as the summer heats up. You’ll be able to pick each crop at the peak of its readiness and flavor; just pay for what you pick when you return from your hayride.


CSA Membership Pricing:

Large Crate Membership: $425 – feeds 4-6 people

Small Crate Membership: $249 – feeds 1-3 people

Both memberships are for 16 weeks of fresh produce!

Crate pickup is once a week. Pick-up hours are:

May 22, 2015- Sept. 4, 2015

Friday 12pm – 5pm

Saturday 8am – 12pm

We hope you’ll join us for this wonderful opportunity to sample local produce, become involved in New Jersey agriculture, and eat healthy and delicious food!

Click Here to view and download our CSA contract

For Program Information and to register for membership, please contact:

Gil Johnson