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Notes from Johnson’s Corner Farm Greenhouse

“Three Sisters” Garden

Here is a fun idea for a new gardener or if you have limited space.  Though I would love to take credit for this wonderful idea it actually was developed by Native Americans.  It is called the Three Sisters” because each plant actually helps and supports the others.

Corn, beans and squash (pumpkins) all grow in the same patch. Intermingling theses crops is a fantastic way to get more production out of limited space.  The corn will act as a support for the pole beans and the squash crowds out weeds and act as a living mulch.  In return the beans improve the soil for future crops by converting nitrogen from the air into a form plants can use. What a partnership!

To try this garden, create a hill of nice, rich composted soil, about 18 inches wide and 4 inches high.  Plant 7 evenly spaced corn seeds per hill.  If you are planning more than one hill, space hills 4 feet apart.  When the corn is 6 inches high, weed the hills and plant four or five bean seeds around the corn.  Remember they need to be a pole, or climbing, variety. Plant your squash or pumpkin seeds at the same time.  It is recommended not to plant squash in every hill as they are runners and do use some room.  Make sure the tree sisters get plenty of water during growing season.  It is best to use a flooding or soaker hose method, as overhead watering can promote mildew.

From there you can sit back and enjoy your garden until it is time to harvest.

This method has also been very successful in large container gardens, or pots, for those who do not have any gardens at all.

Remember have fun in the garden, wear sunscreen and enjoy your harvest.


This year Johnson’s Corner Farm Greenhouses will be offering something new for the beginner gardener or for someone who just wants to spend some time in a greenhouse. PLANT YOUR POTS AT OUR HOUSE. You can bring your container to our greenhouse and plant it yourself. You will get expert advise on what will work for you. The choice of every flower we carry and you leave the mess with us. What could be more fun and satisfying. Of coarse for the person who does not enjoy getting down and dirty, we will still be offering the opportunity for us to plant all of your container gardens. Either way you will be leaving our greenhouses with beautiful, healthy, and unique containers.